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Art Deco 42nd Street East to West
11/17/2021 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM ET


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[Virtual tour] Join historian and author Anthony W. Robins for an in-depth virtual tour of Midtown Manhattan's major boulevard of Deco skyscrapers, showcasing some of the city's most famous monuments. These include: Raymond Hood's red-and-white-striped Daily News Building; the Chanin Building with its Rene Chambellan-designed abstract ornamentation; and the peerless Chrysler Building, the city's (and the world's) most famous Art Deco skyscraper. We will also see: Tudor City, built just before Art Deco swept away the notion of borrowing from Europe's past to design America's future; the often-overlooked block between First and Second Avenues with three surprising Deco creations; two more remarkable Raymond Hood skyscrapers; and a fabulous interior by Ely Jacques Kahn. Mr. Robins is the author of the award-winning book "New York Art Deco: A Guide to Gotham's Jazz Age Architecture" (SUNY Press 2017).
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