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Jane's Walk 2022: Open Streets NYC
05/06/2022 01:00 PM - 01:50 PM ET


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The silver lining to the pandemic is it made NYs look at our streets differently. We saw streets as a place for cars to move and for private car storage. During the dark days of the pandemic, open space-starved areas like Jackson Heights were forced into the streets. Older residents had signs on their shopping carts that said STAY 6 FEET AWAY. Naturally neighbors moved into the street as the sidewalks were too small to social distance and due to the shut down the streets were silent.
Neighbors started noticing the sound of birds. Had the birds gotten louder or were the cars so noisey that they drowned out the bird songs?
Here in Jackson Heights, Queens, neighbors banded together and relentlessly pushed the then mayor to hand over the streets to pedestrians. And he did.
Come see and hear about what we have done with the space.
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