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Steinway Village in Queens
10/07/2023 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM ET


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[In-person] The Steinway Family not only revolutionized the world of music, but helped make New York City a world capital of ideas and culture. In transportation they played a large hand in knitting the hamlets of Queens together by their streetcar network, as well as making the modern city possible by their work in subways, rail, tunnels and bridges.On this tour with Bob Singleton, Executive Director of the Greater Astoria Historical Society, we'll tour Steinway Village, a utopian 'settlement' (as they called it) for employees and the public alike. Their library became the cornerstone for the Queens Library, the largest public library in the country, and their Daimler Works on Steinway Street ushered the Automobile Age to America. Notable points on the tour include walking past the Steinway & Sons factory (closed on weekends) and the unfortunate Steinway Mansion with 11 warehouses built just four feet from its walls in 2015.
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