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Vice-Presidential New York
02/15/2024 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM ET


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[Virtual tour] Aaron Burr slept here" are words inscribed into no known plaque. And lo, what a shame that is! For visitors to such esteemed landmarks as the Morris-Jumel Mansion must instead be repeatedly hit over the head with the better-known sleeping habits of the great George Washington. And why? Because Burr conspired against the United States, and was tried for treason? Because he shot a political rival and a beloved Hip-Hop Founding Father? Because he attempted to empty the bank accounts of his last wife? No!--Not for those many reasons, if anything those things helped in his pursuit of plaques. Burr's built legacy is ignored for the simple, humbling fact that he was merely a vice president. This vice-office has been shared by 48 others, many who have left indelible marks on the built fabric of New York. Trace these vice-legacies within New York with architectural historian James Russiello and discover surprising sites that were once a heartbeat away from being noteworthy.

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