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Enduring Cultures in a Changing City
05/21/2024 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM ET


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Preservation is the practice of managing change. — The Atlas of ReUrbanism

With New York City in a constant state of change, how can the field of preservation be expanded to be a more multivocal, equitable, accessible, and inclusive framework for supporting diverse layers of history and culture in our city? What implications could such a shift have on our urban policy?

Historic preservation has traditionally been practiced with strict rules for maintaining material integrity tied to a specific place and time, most often through a singular perspective. However, a sense of place involves a larger set of narratives and layered histories. As our built environment shifts to adapt to our climate crisis, address our housing crisis, and deconstruct the legacy of racist planning and marginalizing policy, how can the field of preservation evolve to do more than one thing for more than one purpose? How can preservation practiced in non-traditional forms provide the opportunity for our urban fabric to be flexible, adaptable, and reflect layers of history to support multiple communities over time?

Join us for a dynamic session and learn from practitioners across New York City who are creatively building ways to support historical and cultural heritage in the ever-shifting landscape of our city. Each guest will share a short presentation on their impactful work followed by a moderated discussion and audience Q&A.
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