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Sharjah, the Lesser-known Emirate
07/21/2024 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM ET


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[Virtual tour] One of the 7 United Arab Emirates, Sharjah is near spectacular Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but in the West is much less known, even though it has been voted UNESCO's Arab capital in 1998 and is most dedicated to preserving and celebrating national cultural heritage. Besides beautiful traditional buildings of Sharjah's mosques, markets, universities and palaces, Sharjah also commissions cutting edge contemporary architecture, like Foster & Partner's House of Wisdom, Zaha Hadid's 2022 BEEAH headquarters, or 3Deluxe's Butterfly Pavilion on Al Noor Island to. The Sharjah Art Foundation hosts quite noteworthy exhibitions of Arab and international art, as well as an impressive Biennial. Join art historian Sylvia Laudien-Meo, whose own discovery of Sharjah was sparked by a visit to yet another most remarkable, globally unmatched (and also lesser known) event named Xposure: the annual International Photo and Film Festival, which features over 100 leading international photographers and filmmakers, all as guests of the Sharjah government. This year's event featured a survey of Jan Pierre Laffont's photographs of struggling NYC during the 1970s, Stefan Falke's images of the city during the covid pandemic, White House photographers Dave Kennerly and Pete Souza, Dan Winter's striking images documenting our space program, exhibitions by Neil Leifer, Eric Meola and many other photographers in all categories, known through their contributions to the New York Times, National Geographic and other publications.
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