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Journey Down an Important Stuyvesant Heights Street
10/23/2021 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM ET


  • $30.00


[In-person tour] MAS tour guides Suzanne Spellen and Morgan Munsey have taken trips down several streets on our tours, sometimes going from a street's origin to its end. This tour is a street that begins in Bedford Stuyvesant and continues through Stuyvesant Heights. It's well celebrated for the variety and quality of its architecture, and the important people who lived and still live here. This street has a bit of almost everything that is central to the importance and beauty of Stuyvesant Heights, featuring several styles of row house architecture, spanning the years between the 1860s and 1910. We've also got historic free-standing mansions, important houses of worship, elegant apartment buildings and a school or two. This street provides many opportunities to tell the long and proud history of the blocks and the community at large. We hope you will join us.
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