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Long Island City
11/30/2021 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM ET


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[Virtual tour] Long Island City, an independent city from 1870 to 1898, is dubbed the 'Cradle of Creativity' from its storied record of creative ideas and the imaginative people behind them. It launched New York as the nation's business center (two 1640 millstones are in Queens Plaza). The Sunnyside Railyards and Degnon Terminal, remain one of the world's largest railyard-industrial complexes. The Steinway family created Steinway Hall, and the Steinway and Sons Piano Factory to this day makes 95% of the pianos on the professional stage. From its Van Dam office, Sony revolutionized the entertainment industry. Bohemian Hall led the craft beer craze that swept the nation. Greek, Italian, and Middle Eastern food made the community the top choice among the city's gourmands. Ethel Merman and Tony Bennett lead a cast of artists that have called it home.
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