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Jane's Walk 2022: HerStory: Forest Hills, May 7th, 1 PM
05/07/2022 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM ET


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We will be exploring Forest Hills, Queens, and the careers and impact of several notable women who, unknowingly to almost everyone, have lived or worked in this neighborhood. From the most famous female activist of the 20th century (Helen Keller) to the first woman on a major party presidential ticket (Geraldine Ferraro) to the world's first female chess grandmaster (Susan Polgar), they have all made their mark on this neighborhood. We will also explore some other local landmarks in Forest Hills and discuss the history of the neighborhood Lastly, we will discuss how people get name recognition and how places are named after people, the underlying sexism in this process, and how we can better honor women who have changed history.
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