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Jane's Walk 2022: Historic Architecture Stroll Around Penn Station, May 7th, 3 PM
05/07/2022 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM ET


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This birthday week celebrating the life of Jane Jacobs, what could be more appropriate than taking a walk around the Penn Station district with some remaining historically significant buildings.
Paraphrasing Jane Jacobs, we could not save the original Penn Station, but we can save New York.
To live up to the tenets of MAS - Jane's Walk is a gathering of people to see, appreciate and discuss the built environment, leading the way towards a more livable city from sidewalk to skyline.
The architectural stroll in the Penn station district will observe the characteristics, and evaluate the existing buildings' historical components, an opportunity for savoring before the future demolition. We will present environmental and climatic concerns from the proposed demolition, discuss the GHG emissions and embodied carbon in the existing building
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