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Jane's Walk 2022: Don’t-Believe-The-Other-Tours Tour of Brooklyn Heights
05/07/2022 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM ET


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Myths, Legends and Fake News of Brooklyn Heights: The Don’t-Believe-The-Other-Tours Tour

Did Washington Roebling really store the Brooklyn Bridge plans in a veterinarian office? Did baseball’s first superstar pitcher really die in a house near Atlantic Avenue? Did a 1938 hurricane dubbed “The Long Island Express” really knock down the spire of a famous neighborhood church? Just how many houses in Brooklyn Heights did Walt Whitman really live in, anyway?!

Brooklyn historian Jeremy Lechtzin guides this in-person walking tour of Brooklyn Heights. Get the real scoop on what actually happened in one of NYC’s oldest neighborhoods, not the lore repeated in guidebooks, on blogs and (yes) by other tour guides. Explore 200+ years of history in 90 minutes of myth busting, kernels-of-truth uncovering and fabricated-out-of-whole-cloth exposing.
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