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Ukrainian Artists, Pioneers of Modern Art
05/26/2022 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM ET


  • $25.00


[Virtual tour] Many pioneers of Modern Western Art came from Ukraine, previously often labeled as ‘Russian’ due to the country’s inclusion in the Russian Empire: Sonia Delaunay, Baranov-Rossiné, Archipenko, Chaim Gross, Ben Zion, Louise Nevelson. They left Ukraine for political reasons and joined international art centers in Paris and New York, developing new artistic languages and breaking down borders between mediums. Great innovations include fabric art, direct carving in wood, introducing negative space in sculpture, early assemblage art and light projections, immersive and public art. While the artists are working abroad and part of an international art scene, memories of Ukrainian costumes, dance, forests and colors still remain. Join art historian Sylvia Laudien-Meo for this timely virtual tour.
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