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Jane's Walk 2022: Broadway – The Greatest Street in the World! May 7th, 3 PM
05/07/2022 03:00 PM - 03:50 PM ET


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You’re a New Yorker ? So tell me

WHO first bought Manhattan island ( it wasn’t Peter Stuyvesant )
WHEN were all Broadway street names changed
WHAT is the first NY love story
WHERE is there a tombstone marked grave with no remains within
WHY is saying New York City incorrect ( there is no such place )

Answers to these burning questions at this Jane’s Walk!

This walk explores how Broadway was in the 1800s. What was there before the modern scene. Facts that you won’t find in any up to date guide book.

We slowly walk from Bridge Street to Chambers Street with frequent pauses but NOT to the end of Broadway the longest street in the world. (375+ miles )
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