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Jane's Walk 2023: Janes Return Returns, In-Person (Saturday May 6 at 2 PM)
05/06/2023 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM ET


  • Free


Building on the success of last year’s riotous walk, Janes Return will return to the controversial Penn Station district with more Janes—in-person and online—to march along the streets where Ms. Jacobs once fought to save the original terminal. For Janes Return Returns, this year’s diverse band of rabble-rousers will channel our inspirational namesake with short performances, including Jacobs’ own words. Carrying recreations of the iconic “Save Penn” signs, this live promenade will stop at sites currently in danger of demolition, conjuring the 1962 pickets that inspired NYC’s Landmarks law. In-person audiences can chant and sing along the way, while the Janes live-stream each other for online audiences who can’t make it to this rapidly changing neighborhood.
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