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Jane's Walk 2023: A Resilient Garden of Eden(wald)
05/06/2023 01:00 PM - 01:45 PM ET


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A costal metropolis with an aging infrastructure, NYC is acutely at risk for climate disaster. This tour, led by City Planner and NYCHA Program Manager for Green Infrastructure, Adam Benditsky, will explore the Bronx’s largest housing project, Edenwald, through the lens of climate resiliency. We’ll use the development’s vast green Infrastructure (GI) assets as a backdrop for understanding the City's plans for managing the worst effects of climate change. We’ll discuss how NYCHA's growing GI portfolio is working to clean our waterways and prevent flooding while developing multi-functional resident amenities. We’ll also examine the importance of community engagement, cross-agency collaboration and the challenges as well as opportunities facing the city as we attempt to navigate the existential threat of climate change.
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