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Jane's Walk 2023: Treasure Island! NYC Customs and the Collection of Money (Saturday May 6 at 11)
05/06/2023 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM ET


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This walk is about money, a whole lot of money! Manhattan’s lucrative location on water gives us a history rich in trade. On this downtown route, we’ll visit places to see how our nation’s foundation is anchored in tariffs, especially the customs collected in the port of New York. We’ll hear about people in history, from pillars in the city (and some scoundrels) to workers doing their jobs. Along the way, we’ll see art and architecture and take in stories about riots, pirates, liberties, and tomatoes.

BONUS: At the end of our walk, we’ll look inside the beautiful Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House. This building has airport-style bag-check and metal detector at the entrance - please don’t bring sharp items, etc.
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